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How to Enable YourKit Java Profiler Configuration to Java Applications on Cloud Foundry


Pivotal Cloud Foundry® 1.6.x and 1.7.x


This article will provide instructions to enable YourKit Java Profiler configuration to Java applications on Cloud Foundry. 


1. Enable the JBP_CONFIG_YOUR_KIT_PROFILER environment variable; this can be done by editing application manifest.yml or invoking the "cf set-env" command. In this article, we use the application manifest as an example. 

- name: <APP_NAME>
memory: 512M
instances: 1
path: path/java-app.war
JBP_CONFIG_YOUR_KIT_PROFILER: '{enabled: true}' 

2. Set up SSH tunnel for YourKit Java Profiler: 

cf ssh -N -T -L 10001:localhost:10001 <APP_NAME>

Once the SSH tunnel has been created, YourKit Java Profiler should connect to localhost:10001 for debugging. Please refer to the detailed instructions at Java Buildpack YourKit Profiler Framework


Enabling the YourKit Java Profiler will very likely make the application startup time increase. In case the application fails to start due to timeout, we suggest setting "-t 180" to push the application start timeout to the max.

Additional Information

The instructions are only useful in Diego-based containers with SSH access enabled. Diego was introduced in PCF v1.6.x and turns to be mandatory in v1.7.x. Additionally, the remote monitoring/debugging feature is only available in Java Buildpack v3.4+.

PCF is not a development platform; you can use it, but it is going to be slow. Users should develop software locally and treat PCF as a deployment target. PCF Dev is provided to set up a compact PCF on the local machine for development/debugging use.  


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