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Ops Manager is Unable to find ESX Clusters for the Availability Zones in PCF


Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF) Version 1.6.x


The following error messages can be seen:

Cannot find availability zone <cluster_name>: <resource_pool_name>

in the PCF Ops Manager installation dashboard when you click "Apply Changes".


When deploying the Director from Ops Manager, it is unable to find clusters for availability zones when that cluster is nested inside a folder in vSphere under a datacenter. It can only find clusters in the root of the data center.


PCF 1.6.x (Ops Manager 1.6.x) does not support folder in a root of a cluster in vSphere. The cluster needs to be moved to the root of the data center. Alternatively, upgrade or install PCF 1.7.x (Ops Manager 1.7.x) or greater which supports the folder structure.

Additional Information

For further details, please refer to the following resource:

Supported vSphere IaaS operations after PCF installation.


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