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How to change the administrator's password for Ops Manager


Product Version
Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF) 1.7.x


In some cases, such as, if the password was leaked or when you change administrators, you may need to change the password for the admin user for Ops Manager. This is the user that can be used to log on to the Ops Manager web UI.


The following steps describe the process of changing the administrator user's password.

1. Log on to the Ops Manager UI as the administrator.

2. In the upper right corner, click where it says "admin". Note that this usually shows "admin", but will show the user name of the administrator. If you picked a different user name, that will appear here instead.

3. From the drop-down menu, pick "My Account".

4. Click the link that says "Change Password".

5. Enter the current password once and the new password twice. Click the button to submit.

This will change the password for the administrator.


Please note that the administrator user's password may differ from the encryption key used by Ops Manager. Using the procedure above will only update the administrator user's password and not the encryption key. You can update the encryption key by following the same procedure but by clicking "Settings" from the drop-down menu in Step number three.

Additional Information

This KB article only applies if you are using an internal user store.  If you're using an external user store (for example, SAML) then you would change passwords through your SAML provider and the changes will automatically reflect on to the Ops Manager.


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