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Connection pool warning message "maxIdle is larger than maxActive, setting maxIdle to: 4" seen in PCF-deployed Spring app


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For Cloud Foundry-deployed Spring apps with default settings, there may be a warning message in the application log as shown below:

org.apache.tomcat.jdbc.pool.ConnectionPool         WARNING maxIdle is larger than maxActive, setting maxIdle to: 4

Depending upon the application, database usage pattern/demand, this message may be followed by another error message:

org.apache.tomcat.jdbc.pool.PoolExhaustedException: [...] Timeout: Pool empty. Unable to fetch a connection in 30 seconds, none available[size:4; busy:4; idle:0; lastwait:30000]


The Spring app is usually deployed to Cloud Foundry with the Java Buildpack (if no explicit buildpack is mentioned, it would be used as the default buildpack for Java apps). The Java buildpack uses its Spring Auto-reconfiguration framework to make an application automatically reconfigure to use configured cloud services. It also adds the "cloud" profile as an active Spring profile for the application. This framework has its own copy of Spring cloud connectors, which along with other things, initializes a Pooled datasource with a size of 4 and maxWaitTime of 30,000. This is done so that it would be compatible with the limited free tier services of cloud providers. This setting is usually sufficient for any test or demo projects. But for any serious application, it is best to customise this as per application-needs.


This error message most likely appears, if you are deploying a Spring app as is with the local DataSource configuration to Cloud Foundry (but you must have a service connection defined and bound to the deployed app). In that case, Java Buildpack's Spring Auto-reconfiguration framework reconfigures the datasource with the cloud service connection properties and ignores all local datasource customisation. To remedy this and get more control over datasource properties, you need to use the Spring Cloud Spring Service Connector.

This warning/error message may still appear if you use Spring Cloud Service Connector but did not supply any pool properties, so it is initialized using default properties. You can supply the properties either programmatically like this:

//Connect to the 'my-own-personal-sql' relational database service, supplying configuration
public DataSource dataSource() {
    PoolConfig poolConfig = new PoolConfig(5, 30, 3000);
    DataSourceConfig dbConfig = new DataSourceConfig(poolConfig, null);
    return connectionFactory().dataSource("my-own-personal-sql", dbConfig);

Or, if you use Spring boot, you can use the spring.datasource.* properties in the application.properties file to specify datasource properties.


Whatever datasource properties you mention, be sure that those are within limits of the service plan you created in Cloud Foundry.

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