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Cloud controller "Get App summary" API call does not return "detected_buildpack_guid"



Product Version
Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x


The cloud controller API has a "Get App Summary" REST call defined as "GET /v2/apps/:guid/summary" which is supposed to return a field "detected_buildpack_guid", but currently returns null instead of the real value.


This is acknowledged as a bug in the API and will be fixed in a later version. For current versions, if you want to know the GUID for a buildpack (there may be different reasons for that such as, wanting to download a specific buildpack version, detecting which app is using which buildpack version etc.) you need to log on to the cloud controller database (ccdb) and query the buildpacks table to get the details. This KB article will only cover the scenario where during Elastic Runtime installation you selected internal databases as "System Database Config". 

For PCF 1.6.x and 1.7.x new installations

1. Follow the article How to connect to the PCF Elastic Runtime internal MySQL database to log on to the Elastic Runtime MySQL database. Then issue the following commands to get the list of buildpack GUIDs.

2. mysql> use ccdb;

3. mysql> select * from buildpacks;

For PCF 1.5.x and installation upgraded from 1.5.x

For PCF 1.5.x or any installation that has been upgraded from PCF 1.5, the internal database was postgres and the log on procedure is different.

1. ssh vcap@YOUR-CCDB-VM-IP

2. /var/vcap/data/packages/postgres/5.1/bin/psql -U vcap -p 2544 ccdb

3. ccdb=# select * from buildpacks;







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