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Pivotal Cloud Foundry® Being Associated with Internal IP Rather than FQDN


Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF) 1.7.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, and 1.11.x


Ops Manager should always be accessed via its Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). (This is to prevent any issues if its IP address changes).

If you are unable to access Ops Manager via its FQDN after first connecting to it via its internal IP, please carry out the following resolution.

Logging into OpsManager UI using FQDN gets the error:

Invalid redirect https://<FQDN address>/auth/cloudfoundry/callback did not match one of the registered values


If it is accessed via its internal IP after an initial install, this IP will be saved to the internal database rather than the FQDN.

When accessing Ops Manager for the first time, this address gets stored in the database as the default location for accessing Ops Manager.


The database needs to be updated with Ops Manager FQDN rather than its IP address.

1. Log on to Ops Manager VM via Secure SHell (SSH).
2. Connect to the postgres database and list the current settings.

sudo -u postgres psql -d tempest_production -c "SELECT id, hostname from uaa_configs"
 id |       hostname
  1 | <ops manager  IP address>
(1 row)

3. Replace FQDN with the one that is bound to your IP address.

$ sudo -u postgres psql -d tempest_production -c "UPDATE uaa_configs set hostname='<Ops Manager FQDN>' where id=1"

4.>Check again that it has updated correctly.

$ sudo -u postgres psql -d tempest_production -c "SELECT id, hostname from uaa_configs"
 id |       hostname
  1 | <ops manager FQDN>
(1 row)

5. Reboot the Ops Manager VM. 

$ sudo shutdown -r now

After rebooting, try to access your Ops Manager via its FQDN.



  • Avatar
    Brian O'Connell

    Also works for PCF 1.8 and PCF 1.9

  • Avatar
    Vijay Bujula

    Can we use this procedure to change IP of Ops Mgr?

  • Avatar
    Vijay Bujula

    Works to change OM (1.11) VM's IP. Obviously needs IAAS level IP change on VM.^^^

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