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How to Deploy or Upgrade to GemFire Tile Version 1.5


Pivotal GemFire Tile Version 1.5


As the GemFire Tile version 1.5 can be a bit complex, here are a few things to watch out for:

  • Make sure to upgrade the GemFire CF CLI plugin to version 1.5 before attempting the deployment or upgrade. The documentation clearly states that this needs to be done, however, it is in small print.
  • GF Tile 1.5 cannot be deployed as a rolling upgrade. Again, this clearly stated, but in the small print.


1. Issue a bosh stop command using the GemFire CF Deployment file.

2. After all the virtual machines (VMs) have stopped running, run the bosh deploy command using the GemFire CF deployment manifest that references the version 1.5 tile.

3. Issue a bosh start command using the GemFire Cloud Foundry deployment manifest.

This process can take one min per operation, per GemFire VM. In a Pivotal Cloud Foundry cluster with 10 locators, total, and 30 servers, this could easily take two hours, if not more. It is important that the BOSH deploy task is not interrupted or you could end up in a problematic situation.

This procedure should fix most observed issues that can occur during this upgrade, so, if this process has not been followed, it should be started from the beginning.

Additional Information

Documentation on the GF CF CLI including how to install.



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