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Error while backing up the MySQL tile using cfops utility


Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF) 1.7.x

MySQL Tile all versions


The following error message was received when backing up the MySQL Tile using the cfops. 

2016/06/27 08:02:54 D0327 08:02:54.968699 11755 backuprestore_rpc.go:32] done calling plugin.setup: gob: wrong type ([]map[string]interface {}) for received field Jobs.Partitions 

2016/06/27 08:02:54 D0327 08:02:54.96873 11755 plugin_tile_builder.go:51] error from getinstallationsettings: <nil> 

2016/06/27 08:02:54 D0327 08:02:54.96875 11755 createCliCommand.go:69] Running backup for tile: {Tile:0xc26298 Closer:0xc0026680} 

2016/06/27 08:02:54 D0327 08:02:54.968774 11755 backuprestore_rpc.go:11] running backuprestorerpc backup: 

2016/06/27 08:02:54 D0327 08:02:54.968964 11773 backuprestore_rpc_server.go:7] rpc server backup execution 

2016/06/27 08:02:54 D0327 08:02:54.969061 11773 main.go:61] Starting backup of mysql-tile 

2016/06/27 08:02:54 D0327 08:02:54.969136 11773 main.go:82] Finished backup of mysql-tile Product not found p-mysql 

2016/06/27 08:02:54 D0327 08:02:54.969319 11755 backuprestore_rpc.go:14] done calling plugin.backup: Product not found p-mysql 

2016/06/27 08:02:54 E0327 08:02:54.969345 11755 createCliCommand.go:47] 

The error message for cfops failing was "Product not found p-mysql".


cfops gets an ssh auth error and cannot take a backup unless you change the sshd configuration on the relevant instances. 

There was an issue reported (#96) where Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances have password auth in ssh disabled; this addresses this issue.


Upgrade to the latest release of the MySQL Plugin which resolves this issue (v0.0.22 or later).


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