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Deployed .NET App unable to write on IIS log directory in PCF


Product Version
Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF) 1.6.x


After successfully pushing the .NET App, the container's event log contains the error message that looks like the following( please note that 3801192CFB3102BCD1 is the App GUID):

"Unable to create log file C:\containerizer\3801192CFB3102BCD1\user\tmp\lifecycle\log\IIS\W3SVC1\ex160303.log. Make sure that the logging directory is correct and this computer has write access to that directory."


This is a known bug. System log errors are due to the missing IIS log directory.


  1. The error message can be safely ignored. Creating the directory manually will also make the error disappear but the downside of this is that there will be logs that would start filling up the app's disk quota.
  2.  Upgrade to version 1.7. A fix of disabling the logs is included in version 1.7




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