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Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF) MySQL: How To Update the Service Plan


 Product  Version
 Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF) MySQL  1.7.x


This article discusses how to update the service plan in MySQL. 


The first step in updating the MySQL service plan is to change the Max Storage amount.

This can be done in the Ops Manager dashboard under the MySQL tile --> Settings --> Service Plan.

Once updated, press save and apply changes in Ops Manager.

After apply changes have finished, the service broker needs to be manually updated by running:

cf update-service-broker p-MySQL <broker-username> <broker-password> <p-mysql-url>

To find the p-MySQL-URL (Broker URL) you can run the following command to list the service brokers:

cf service-brokers

The broker username (Identity) and password can be found in the credential tab in the MySQL tile under "Broker Auth Credentials."

This will update the service broker with the new maximum storage setting.

$ cf update-service-broker p-mysql e578af06d9944f827b2b c7b32d1a6799edb20a31 https://p-mysql.example.com:443
Updating service broker p-mysql as admin...

The new service plan should now be visible in the marketplace (Run cf marketplace to check). 

Additional Information

In Pivotal MySQL version 1.8+, there is no need to manually update the service broker. This is automatically completed when you apply changes to the service plan in Ops Manager.




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