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How to Change the Ubuntu User Password in vSphere for the Ops Manager VM


  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF) versions 1.6 and above
  • vSphere


This article will describe the steps to change the Ubuntu user password in vSphere for the Ops Manager virtual machine (VM) if the password has been lost or forgotten.


The Ubuntu user and the Ubuntu user password are created during the installation of the Ops Manager VM. The password can be reset using the instructions below if lost or forgotten.


Follow the steps listed below to change the Ubuntu user password on the Ops Manager VM:

  • Open vSphere and locate the Ops Manager VM that needs the password change.
  • The Ops Manager VM must be powered off to make the password change.


  • Once the VM is powered down, right-click on the Ops Manager VM and click "Edit Settings".

  • The following window will open. Then proceed to the "Options" tab.

  •  After clicking on the "Options" tab, there will be a window like the one shown below. Please click on "vApp Options -> Properties" within the settings column.  

    • Scroll down on the right and you should see the "Admin Password" section.  Insert a new password here.  Make sure to enter it a second time into the "Confirm Password" box.
    • When both passwords have been updated and match, save all changes by clicking "OK".  Then proceed to power on the Ops Manager VM.  Log on to the Ops Manager VM by using the Ubuntu user and the newly created password.



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