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GFSH hang issue when using gfsh start or gfsh status command


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Pivotal GemFire 7.x -


This article discusses how to resolve a gfsh hang issue that may occur when running [gfsh start]/[gfsh status].


When using the [gfsh start] command to start a locator/cacheserver or when using the [gfsh status] command to confirm GemFire member process status, the gfsh shell may not return a result, or may simply continue showing [.......] in the console, while the GemFire member process does start correctly or is in a healthy status.


There is an underlying bug (GEM-809/GEODE-1387) involving a race condition in the file-based support for the [gfsh start] and [gfsh status] commands.

With these two commands, if the JDK's tools.jar is not in the CLASSPATH, gfsh will use a file-based implementation for [gfsh start] and [gfsh status] and may encounter a hang issue during [gfsh start] or [gfsh status] execution. (The [gfsh start] command uses the [gfsh status] routine to determine if startup is complete.)

When the tools.jar is in the CLASSPATH, the [gfsh start]/[gfsh status] commands will use the tools.jar's API which will not hit this hang issue.


This issue is fixed with GemFire and may be avoided/worked around in earlier versions by adding the tools.jar to the CLASSPATH of gfsh and any locator/server.

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