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How to run Errands Without "Apply Change" on the Ops Manager


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After successfully deploying Elastic Runtime and Service Tiles via Ops Manager, you might need to run errands due to cases like the following:

  • (Re)deploy Notification Service, Autoscaling Service, etc. after the first install.
  • Run smoke-test upon Elastic Runtime or Service Tiles after install.

It is usually easier to debug problems when you run errands manually. By setting the "--keep-alive" flag, the errand VM will be kept alive for debugging use; please refer the KB article How to run errands step-by-step for details.

Most of the above tasks can be done via Ops Manager, by selecting/deselecting errands, and then "Apply Change". However, it may take a longer time compared to running errands via BOSH command This article discusses how to run BOSH errands directly.


  1. Log on to Ops Manager VM via Single SHell (SSH); there are other options like a jump box. The advantage of using Ops Manager VM is BOSH CLI and deployment manifest files are already available on the VM.
  2. List up all deployments with the "bosh deployments" command.  
  3. Set current deployment to the tile which you want to execute errands:
    bosh deployment /var/tempest/workspaces/default/deployments/<deployment name>.yml
  4. Execute the "bosh run errand' command", it will list up all available errands within the deployment:

    Here is an example of running an errand of Elastic Runtime:

    $ bosh run errand
    RSA 1024 bit CA certificates are loaded due to old openssl compatibility 1. push-apps-manager 2. smoke-tests 3. notifications 4. notifications-tests 5. notifications-ui 6. notifications-ui-tests 7. autoscaling 8. autoscaling-register-broker 9. autoscaling-destroy-broker 10. autoscaling-tests 11. acceptance-tests Choose an errand:
  5. Input the errand index you want to run and press "Enter".

Additional Information

Do not run errands such as "Unregister Broker" or "Destroy Broker".  These are meant to be run when uninstalling tiles and running them will usually result in data loss.  Because of this, we do not recommend that you run errands manually in production environments.  If you have any questions or reservations about running a specific errand, please contact support before running the errand.



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