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Space full caused by log_alert_stage table


  • Pivotal Greenplum (GPDB) 4.3.x
  • OS RHEL 6.x


Data directory space usage at Master & certain segment host reach to near 100%.

GP command center will check pg log at master for any error messages and save error message to $MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY/gpperfmon/log/gpdb-alert-yyyymmdd.csv file. If some error messages included the special character or unformatted messages, these message in gpdb-alert file will not be inserted into the log_alert_history table, they will stay in log_alert_stage table forever. 

The current design is once messages have been inserted into log_alert_history table, then gpcc would truncate log_alert_stage table. In this situation, more and more error message will be saved in log_alert_stage table and use more and more space, until it's 100% full. 

1. Truncate log_alert_stage table.
2. Review gpdb-alert*.csv files at  $MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY/gpperfmon/log/ directory. Check if there are any special message saved.Then follow up with the customer to check.


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