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Installing Diego services on Windows Cell with install.bat script failed without errors displayed


Product Version
Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF)  1.6.x, 1.7.x
Component Windows Cell


When following the instructions in Deploying Diego for Windows - Step4 Install MSI and running the script install.bat as administrator, normally there should be five services installed and running, which can be confirmed at the "Administrative Tools > Services" view, 

  • CF Consul
  • CF Containerizer
  • CF GardenWIndows
  • CF Metron
  • CF Rep

However there are neither services installed, nor any error message displayed. 


In the install.bat script, msiexec is specified as "/passive" mode which only shows the progress bar. In case it fails for some reasons, the progress does not stop and simply exits. Therefore, no error message/dialog is displayed. 

msiexec /passive /norestart /i %~dp0\DiegoWindows.msi ^
  BBS_CA_FILE=%~dp0\bbs_ca.crt ^
  BBS_CLIENT_CERT_FILE=%~dp0\bbs_client.crt ^
  BBS_CLIENT_KEY_FILE=%~dp0\bbs_client.key ^
  CONSUL_DOMAIN=cf.internal ^
  CONSUL_IPS=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ^
  CF_ETCD_CLUSTER=http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:4001 ^
  STACK=windows2012R2 ^
  MACHINE_IP=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ^
  CONSUL_ENCRYPT_FILE=%~dp0\consul_encrypt.key ^
  CONSUL_CA_FILE=%~dp0\consul_ca.crt ^
  CONSUL_AGENT_CERT_FILE=%~dp0\consul_agent.crt ^

msiexec /passive /norestart /i %~dp0\GardenWindows.msi ^


For troubleshooting, please remove the  /passive option from msiexec command in instal.bat script, and rerun it as administrator. It will then throw detailed errors rather than exit silently.

As an example, in case the .NET Framework version required by .msi package is not preinstalled on the Windows Cell, executing install.bat without the /passive option will give detailed messages in information/warning/error dialogs. 


Additional Information

We suggest creating Windows Cells based on an ISO image that is Pivotal-tested, please refer Deploying Diego for Windows - Prerequisites for details. Otherwise, the Windows Cell setup may end up having compatibility issues when using an untested Windows Server image. 



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