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Pivotal Chinese local language support

For Chinese customers who prefer local language support, EMC has been offering a 24x7 Chinese MOD service. Pivotal will continue to engage the EMC Chinese MOD service without setting up its own Chinese local support line for the time being. 
Pivotal will continue to work with EMC Chinese MOD for Chinese customers.
For Pivotal Asia Pacific Japan/Korea team working hours (8am-4pm, GMT+8, Daylight Saving Time): Chinese local language support by Customer Engineers/Customer Service Team is available. Please call Pivotal China local support hotline 4001203358 and customers will get Chinese speaking L1/L2 support.
For Non-Chinese-Speaking Pivotal Support team working hours (4pm-8am, GMT+8): China Local Support Number 4001203358 is still available but English speaking staff will be answering the call. In case customers need Chinese language support, they should call the EMC Chinese MOD number: 
800 81900098008103777/108008521116, and they will forward the call to Pivotal support and help with the translation only between customers and Pivotal employees until the GSS APJ team comes back on-shift.
Note: EMC Chinese MOD is only available for translation. L1 and L2 support are only available in English during(4pm-8am, GMT+8).


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