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Does PWS offer Docker support?


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Pivotal Web Services (PWS)  All versions


Currently, Docker support is disabled on Pivotal Web Services (PWS). The status can be checked by running cf feature-flags:

$ cf feature-flags
Retrieving status of all flagged features as XXX@pivotal.io...

Features                               State   
user_org_creation                      disabled   
private_domain_creation                enabled   
app_bits_upload                        enabled   
app_scaling                            enabled   
route_creation                         enabled   
service_instance_creation              enabled   
diego_docker                           disabled   
set_roles_by_username                  enabled   
unset_roles_by_username                enabled   
task_creation                          disabled   
space_scoped_private_broker_creation   enabled

Additional Information

Docker won't be enabled on PWS until sufficient technical improvements are made so that it is safe in a public cloud environment.

There will be announcements in our blog when Docker becomes available.



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    Kuldeep Poonia

    How to enable this feature flag diego_docker ?
    Command used:
    >cf enable-feature-flag diego_docker
    Setting status of user_org_creation as myemail@gmail.com
    Server error, status code: 403, error code: 10003, message: You are not authorized to perform the requested action

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