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Q1: What are the benefits of using the Pivotal Support Portal?

A: The Pivotal Support Portal provides Pivotal software customers with the following:

  • Fastest support for Pivotal software.
  • Ability to register at the Pivotal Network for notification of new software releases.
  • Easy access to Pivotal product documentation.
  • Search Knowledge Base articles written by Pivotal engineers.
  • Gain insight into Pivotal’s software support offerings and policies.

Q2: How do I register for Pivotal Support?

A: Go to Pivotal Support and create a new account using your Pivotal Customer Number (PCN) or Location Reference Number (LRN).

Q3: I am a Partner/Service Provider/Reseller.  How do I register with Pivotal Support?

A: Please contact customer service for assistance (email customer-service@pivotal.io or call +1 877.477.2269). 

Q4: Where can I find my Location Reference Number (LRN) or Pivotal Customer Number (PCN)?

A: Your Location Reference Number (LRN) or Pivotal Customer Number (PCN) was provided in your Order Confirmation. (These numbers are different from EMC’s Site ID numbers.)  If you do not have access to your Order Confirmation, please email us at customer-service@pivotal.io or call +1 877.477.2269, and we will be happy to assist. 

Q5: Can I register for Pivotal Support using my personal email address?

A: No, please use your corporate email address when registering. 

Q6: I’m already registered with Pivotal Network. Do I also need to register with Pivotal Support?

A: Yes. Pivotal Support requires a separate, one-time registration with the Location Reference Number (LRN) or Pivotal Customer Number (PCN) whether you are a new or an existing customer.   

Q7: What is the difference between Pivotal Network and Pivotal Support?

A: If you wish to work with Pivotal Support Engineers and/or you will create, monitor, or update your company’s tickets, it is important to register for both the Pivotal Network and Pivotal Support as they both have something to offer Pivotal customers:

  • The Pivotal Network or “PivNet” is where you will find software downloads, product documentation, and release notes, and/or sign up to be alerted when new product updates and product advisories are released. Users may also access the Pivotal Support Knowledge Base through PivNet.
  • Pivotal Support is your online resource for engaging with Pivotal’s support engineers. It is the one place you can manage, monitor, and update your Pivotal Product Support tickets. The support portal is continuously improving and is the home of Pivotal Knowledge Base articles, Pivotal support discussions, and more. 

Q8: I received the message "Email address has been used" when creating a new account, but don't recall registering with Pivotal Support.

A: It is likely you already have a Pivotal Support account, created via other channels (Pivotal Web Services, Pivotal Network, Documentation). Please sign-in using the same email address and reset the password. 

Q9: I have more than one LRN/PCN. How do I register more than one number with Pivotal Support?

A: Please register with one Location Reference Number (LRN) or Pivotal Customer Number (PCN).  Contact customer-service@pivotal.io  if you have more than one LRN or PCN. 

Q10:  Is there a limit on the number of people who register at support.pivotal.io with the same Location Reference Number (LRN) or Pivotal Customer Number (PCN)?

A: No there is no limit.  Please contact customer service if you require assistance (email customer-service@pivotal.io or call +1 877.477.2269).

Q11: My organisation's Firewall prevents me from accessing the Pivotal Support Portal, how can I submit a ticket?

A: In this event, you can email the customer service team by emailing customer-service@pivotal.io with your request and they can pass the ticket through to the appropriate team. Just be sure to add a detailed problem description, Product and the Severity.



Q12: Are instructions available on how to register with Pivotal Support?

A: Yes, step by step instructions including screenshots are available at How to Register for Pivotal Support or you can watch a short YouTube video. 

Q13: Can I get help in registering for Support Portal?

A: Yes. Please contact customer service and we will walk you through the registration process. You can request a personal 15-30 minute Support Onboarding overview with Pivotal’s Customer Service Team (email customer-service@pivotal.io or call +1 877.477.2269). Your session will include:

  • How to Register with Pivotal Support
  • How to create a service ticket
  • How to contact Customer Service
  • How to Escalate a Case
  • Pivotal's Service Level Objectives
  • Time for questions and feedback 



Q14: When can I start using Pivotal Support to open a ticket for Pivotal software products?

A: As soon as you complete the registration process with Pivotal Support, you can open a ticket directly with Pivotal Support at support.pivotal.io. 

Q15: I registered for Pivotal Support. How do I open a ticket?

A: Sign on to  Pivotal Support to open tickets for Pivotal software products with your email and password.  For step by step instructions view the Video. 

Q16: What is the difference between a Service Request and a ticket?

A: A Service Request is EMC’s term for a support ticket. Pivotal Support simply refers to these as tickets.

Q17: Can I continue to open tickets for Pivotal software products through EMC Service Center after October 21, 2016?

A: No. While it will still be possible to call EMC at 1-800-SVC-4EMC, there will be a slight delay as your call is routed back to Pivotal Support. 



Q18: How do I reset my Pivotal Support password?

A: First sign-in at support.pivotal.io  then select "Reset the password". Alternatively, you can go directly to the login page to reset the password https://login.run.pivotal.io/login 

Q19: How do I edit my user profile through the Pivotal Support Portal?

A: First, sign-in to the Support Portal at support.pivotal.io. Next, click on the top right under your User Name, and select User Profile to edit. 

Q20: I am experiencing problems signing into the Pivotal Support Portal, who should I contact?

A: Please send a description of the problem and include the error messages and screenshots to customer-service@pivotal.io. 



Q21: I have an EMC Data Computing Appliance (DCA). Who should I contact for support?

A: Please note recommendations, below:

  • If you clearly have a DCA hardware problem or if you are unsure whether you have a hardware or a Pivotal software problem, please open a service request via support.emc.com, or call 1.800.SVC.4EMC  
  • If you have a Pivotal software-only issue related to Pivotal Hadoop or Greenplum Database, please open a ticket with Pivotal Support (no need to open a service request with EMC).


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