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Linux addr2line Function Core Generated due to System Out of Memory


  • Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB) 4.3.x
  • Operating System- Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x


Multiple core files got created from gpadmin user due to queries failing with System Out of memory issues. 

Following is sample of core files generated

-rw------- 1 gpadmin gpadmin 20660224 Aug 18 15:36 core.addr2line.401062.1471548998.11.500.500
-rw------- 1 gpadmin gpadmin 31973376 Aug 18 15:36 core.addr2line.401092.1471548998.11.500.500
-rw------- 1 gpadmin gpadmin 23093248 Aug 18 15:36 core.addr2line.401455.1471549003.11.500.500

This article will provide you a way to resolve the issue


The core files were created from Linux function addr2line because of NULL being passed to it from Greenplum function call. Linux addr2line function is called internally from GPDB for error logging and reporting.


As this issue is started with Out of Memory (from pg_log), users need to work with their DBA team to resolve the issue.

You can try below steps to remove the out of memory issue:

1)  Run maintenance script(Vacuum, reindex & Analyze of objects) for Database if massive DML operations have been performed

2) Tune the query causing Out of memory issue

After trying both the options, if you still see an issue, please contact Pivotal Support.


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