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How to Configure Ops Manager with vCenter 6.0 and an External Platform Service Controller


Ops Manager Version 1.7.x


This article will describe the additional steps needed to install Ops Manager on vCenter version 6.0 and above when using an external Platform Services Controller (PSC).


When installing vCenter Version 6.0 and above, there are two topology options, internal-embedded and external PSC. When choosing the second option, this causes a slightly different configuration to be used for the Ops Manager. This change is due to the separation of the roles and services within a traditional vCenter. The external PSC is a component of the VMware Cloud Infrastructure Suite. It deals with identity management for the administrators and applications that interact with the vSphere platform.


The installation instructions for installing Ops Manager with vCenter 6.0+ and an external PSC are very similar to the standard instructions. To get started, follow the standard installation instruction here.  

When entering the configuration on the vCenter Config screen, make the following adjustment:

Instead of using the Domain Name Server or the IP address of the vCenter Server in the vCenter Host input box, use the IP address of the external PSC. When you save the page, the validation should run and it should save without error.

You can then proceed through the rest of the installation using the standard instructions.

Additional Information

More information on the Platform Service Controller can be found here.


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