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CFOPS Support Troubleshooting Guide


Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF) versions 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8


This article will help customer engineers to troubleshoot issues with cfops and help gather the necessary information for the cfops engineering team if necessary.


Customer installs cfops (PCF backup and restore tool) in their environment and is running into issues while executing a backup or restore.


1. Please check the documented issues below in the "Additional Information" section to see if one of those will fix the issue seen in your ticket. If not, please proceed with the next steps to gather the necessary information to review or send to engineering.

2. Acquire the full command that the customer executed

  • Check the command for missing flags [OM Backup | ER Backup]  [OM Restore | ER Restore]
  • Execute the command on a lab box substituting the option values so the command will run
  • Eliminate user input error by verifying the flag values (hostname, username, password, etc)

3. Acquire the full debug log output from the customer

  • LOG_LEVEL=debug ./cfops backup <flags here>
  • LOG_LEVEL=debug ./cfops restore <flags here>

4. Acquire the customer's full installation settings at:

  • https://<om_hostname>/api/installation_settings
  • example:  https://ops.manager.dev.test.com/api/installation_settings
  • Secrets & password can be redacted by the customer before sending to Pivotal. Notify the PCF backup & restore team (#pcf-backup-restore) of the case and pass the installation settings to them for validation.

Additional Information

Quick links to documented issues:


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