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CFOPS Troubleshooting - "422 Unprocessable Entity on restore"


Product Version
Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF) 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8
IaaS vSphere, Openstack & AWS


Customer installs cfops (PCF backup and restore tool) in their environment and is running into issues while executing a backup or restore.


Error Message: 422 Unprocessable Entity on restore


  • SSH to the Ops Manager VM and look at the following file:  /tmp/logs/production.log
  • The production.log file mentioned above should give an indication as to why the error is happening.
  • Possible reasons:
    • Ops Manager has already been set up on the new instance. The Restore must be done to a vanilla Ops Manager instance for Ops Manager 1.7+  Create a vanilla Ops Manager instance and try the restore again.
    • The flag --opsmanagerpassphrase (--omr) was not specified in the restore command. Please add this to the cfops restore command and try again. Applies to Ops Manager 1.7+
    • The admin user has not been set up on Ops Manager. Create the admin user and try again. Applies to Ops Manager 1.6


Follow the checklist above and resolve issues if found. Please open a ticket with Pivotal Support if unable to identify the problem using the steps above.


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