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Pivotal Web Services Billing and Usage FAQ


Pivotal Web Services (PWS): All versions


This article contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) relating to the general usage and billing of the Pivotal Web Services Platform.


Following are a few of the Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Can we get a usage report on Org basis?

Example: "Let’s assume I have 2 Orgs and both Orgs are running 5+ apps. Is it possible to get the usage report separately for each org? If so, how can I get the usage report?" 

A: Billing is done on an Org by Org basis. One can go to the billing page and see a full breakdown of the charges on a Space by Space basis. The charges will be listed based on the individual application usage and any services in each Space. 
Q: Is there any limitation on creating Orgs and Spaces on PWS?
A: There is no limit on creating Orgs on PWS as long as there is a valid credit card listed on file with each Org. The credit card will be charged each month for the app usage and services consumed or subscribed for that Org. There is no practical limit on the number of Spaces that are created within an Org.
Q: Is there any app instance limit, when hosting it on PWS?
A: Each app instance should not be larger than 4 GB for reliable placement on deploys. It is possible to deploy larger apps on PWS, however, there is no support provided for app instances larger than 4 GB and behavior may be unpredictable.
Q: Is there any other payment option available other than the use of a credit card?
A: At this time, credit cards are the only payment form for paying for PWS. If you desire other options for payment, please consider Pivotal Cloud Foundry by contacting our Pivotal Sales department (sales@pivotal.io)
Q:  If we have multiple user accounts under one Org, can we have billing details for all 10 user accounts or only for the main user account.
A: Billing details are aggregated on the Org level not on the user level, as users may exist in multiple Orgs. Within an Org, billing breakdowns are organized by the Spaces within an Org. If one wishes to track usage per user for billing purposes, it's possible to assign a user to an Org or a user to a specific Space. Pivotal Cloud Foundry (which is the base for PWS) can restrict deployment capabilities within a Space. This ensures that charges within a Space are that of the user.


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