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How to Check the Information for Ops Manager User


Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF) versions 1.6.x and 1.7.x


This article discusses how to check the information for Ops Manager user.


1. Target your Ops Manager UAA. Run uaac target http://<Ops Manager IP>:8080/uaa/.

ubuntu@pivotal-ops-manager:~$ uaac target

Context: admin, from client opsman

2. Get your token. Run uaac token owner get opsman. Just press Enter for Client secret. Please be aware that the password and username here are the admin user and password for Ops Manager. 

ubuntu@pivotal-ops-manager:~$ uaac token owner get opsman
Client secret:
User name: admin
Password: ********

Successfully fetched token via owner password grant.
Context: admin, from client opsman

3. Run uaac users to show the detailed information for each user.  

ubuntu@pivotal-ops-manager:~$ uaac users 
id: e894c6d2-b285-4dcc-ae33-7290b09896d6
version: 0
created: 2016-09-12T03:01:31.821Z
lastmodified: 2016-09-12T03:01:31.821Z
familyname: Admin
givenname: OpsMan
value: admin@test.org
primary: false
value: 0924e389-0f84-43ab-9dbe-7f1eda16c408
display: opsman.admin
type: DIRECT
value: 464ac4eb-2cc7-40af-b05e-c1114654c9b9
display: clients.write
type: DIRECT
value: 9023b399-4559-4609-91bf-ded5da7e3aef
display: opsman.user
type: DIRECT
value: fb8683ea-a0cd-432f-acb7-18460984a137
display: scim.me
type: DIRECT
active: true
verified: true
origin: uaa
schemas: urn:scim:schemas:core:1.0
username: admin
zoneid: uaa
passwordlastmodified: 2016-09-12T03:01:31.000Z
schemas: urn:scim:schemas:core:1.0
startindex: 1
itemsperpage: 100
totalresults: 1 

Additional Information

You can also connect to the database directly to get the information. Please be aware that this is only for the troubleshooting purpose, and don't change anything if you're not quite sure how to recover.

1. In Ops Manager vm, sudo to postgres user and connect to the postgres database.

ubuntu@pivotal-ops-manager:/usr/lib/postgresql/9.3$ sudo su - postgres
postgres@pivotal-ops-manager:~$ /usr/lib/postgresql/9.3/bin/psql
psql (9.3.14)
Type "help" for help.


2. Switch to uaa database, and select from table users. You can see all information maintained for the Ops Manager users.

postgres=# \c uaa
You are now connected to database "uaa" as user "postgres".
uaa=# select * from users

id | created | lastmodified | version | username | password | email | authority | givenname | familyname | active | phonenumber | authorities | verified | origin | external_id | identity_zone_id | salt | passwd_lastmodified | legacy_verification_behavior
e894c6d2-b285-4dcc-ae33-7290b09896d6 | 2016-09-12 03:01:31.821 | 2016-09-12 03:01:31.821 | 0 | admin | $2a$10$liAWbB.uSFy.ukyYtPSc5ORlzvgjoGYI2kc9I5JlY8qm4dLNGHh6K | admin@test.org | 0 | OpsMan | Admin | t | | uaa.user | t | uaa | | uaa | | 2016-09-12 03:01:31 | f
(1 row)



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