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How to Identify if a File Downloaded from the Pivotal Network has Downloaded Correctly


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The size of some Pivotal product packages on Pivotal Network is from hundreds of MBs to several GBs, so downloading them from Pivotal Network via HTTPS takes significant long time, which increases the risk of downloading failure due to network issues. In some cases, failure is not reported by browsers or other downloading tools. When using the incomplete package file, such as installing or importing, the progress will get stuck for unknown reasons. This article discusses how to verify download files from Pivotal Network.


As an example, downloading Diego Windows installer from Pivotal Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime

1. Choose version 1.7.22. 

2. Click "DiegoWindows" item and download the file(DiegoWindows1.7.7.zip). 

3. Check its MD5 code by clicking "Information" icon, it will prompts a dialog looks like

4. On different operating system, there are different commands to display file MD5 code. Like in Windows OS, please run certutil -hashfile <filename> md5, on Ubuntu please run md5sum <filename> This is the example for md5 command on OS X:

$ md5 DiegoWindows1.7.7.zip
MD5 (DiegoWindows1.7.7.zip) = 2a2d2f9de245898bb7a756958cd58e15

5. Make sure MD5 code is same to the one at step 3.  



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