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Incremental Backup State Files for HEAP Tables


  • Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB) 4.3.x
  • Operating System- Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.x


When performing an incremental backup using gpcrondump utility, can we only just backup just the changes for HEAP tables instead of the entire table?


Per the current design of gpcrondump, when an incremental backup is running, state files are not generated for HEAP tables since they get backed up with every incremental backup. Currently, the gpcrondump utility only compares the state of each table in the database against the last backup using state files. If there is any change in the state of the table since the last backup, it is marked dirty and is backed up during an incremental backup. This procedure currently is followed only for AO/CO tables.


A new feature request was submitted to Pivotal Greenplum Engineering team to ask for state files for HEAP tables.

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