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Connection to gpfdist Server Fails with Connection Refused Error


  • Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB) 4.3.x
  • Operating System- All supported


Sometimes, when executing a query against an external table, gpfdist will fail with connection refused.

Error Message:

ERROR: connection with gpfdist failed for gpfdist://mdw:8091/splunk/SID/20150823/crm/aaa.csv. 
effective url: error code = 111 (Connection refused)
(seg9 slice1 gpdb02.bbb.sh:40003 pid=233662)


The IP address or the port number of the gpfdist server in the location string was wrong.


With any gpfdist configuration, it is very common to have wrong gpfdist server address or port number. If there are no other error messages, before investigating into any deeper, it is good idea to check IP address and port number of specified gpfdist server in the location string.

In this specific case,  based on the error message you may first check whether can be pingable from seg9, and also whether port 8091 is open on the server



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    Gurupreet Singh Bhatia

    check GPFDIST process , it may be killed from given host, or as per resolution may be you are using wrong IP or PORT.

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