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deadlock - Process waits for ExclusiveLock on Resource Queue


Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB) 4.3.x


User assign to a resource queue get a deadlock message. 

Error Message:

"ERROR","40P01","deadlock detected","Process 76022 waits for ExclusiveLock on resource queue 9140473; blocked by process 75991. Process 75973 waits for ExclusiveLock on resource queue 9140473; blocked by process 76022."


Most of the time this is a result of a user-defined function with cursor calling another user defined function while logged in as a user assigned to resource queue. 

It is a known limitation of current resource queue implementation that it is possible to be in deadlock if you use functions that execute another SQL using cursors. 


The resource queue logic has been be redesigned and will be available in 5.x. 


1. Customers need to tune the resource queues and increase active statements as a workaround. 

2. Customers can try to increase the GUC deadlock_timeout which helps to avoid marking some non-genuine scenarios involving resource queue slot lock as deadlock. For more details, refer to GPDB deadlock detection with Resource queue.


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    Gurupreet Singh Bhatia

    Thanks. is there any way to by-pass resource queue during querying to any table

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    Joe Murray

    Latest update as of 26th April, 2017

    Resource queues will be redesigned for 5.x and currently in progress. Tentatively this will be available in Q3 this year.


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