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How To Access Historical Oozie, TEZ, and YARN Applications Submitted to the Cluster


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 Pivotal HDP, Hortonworks HDP  2.x and later


This article discusses some commands you can use to obtain historical data about cluster users and their usage of Oozie, TEZ and YARN for running applications on your cluster.


Some commands to obtain history:

  • To display all of the last 5000 submitted Oozie jobs in local system time:

$ oozie jobs -oozie http://<Oozie-server>:11000/oozie -localtime -len 5000 -verbose  


  • To display only the last 20 submitted Oozie jobs by the user "bobsmith":

$ oozie jobs -oozie http://<Oozie-server>:11000/oozie -localtime -len 20 -filter user=bobsmith -verbose


  • To list only the TEZ applications ever submitted:

$ yarn application -list -appStates ALL -appTypes TEZ


  •  To list ALL the applications ever submitted:

$ yarn application -list -appStates ALL 


  • To list ALL the applications ever submitted with an application name like "oozie"(along with the Total and Column Names):

$ yarn application -list -appStates ALL | egrep -i 'Total|Application-Id|oozie'




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