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Query gives Error "No partition for partitioning key"


  • Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB) 4.3.x
  • Operating System- Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x


When inserting data into the "log_alert_history" table in the Gpperfmon DB, it is giving the following error message:

insert into log_alert_history select * from log_alert_tail;
ERROR: no partition for partitioning key (seg1 sdw1:40002 pid=2792)


In the Gpperfmon DB, there are 3 tables involved in recording alert log information from the pg_log files for a Greenplum DB. These tables are:

log_alert_now: Current pg_log errors and warnings data is stored in log_alert_now during the period between data collection from the Command Center agents and automatic commitment to the log_alert_history table.

log_alert_tail: This is the transitional table for query workload data that has been cleared from log_alert_now but has not yet been committed to log_alert_history. It typically only contains a few minutes of worth of data.

log_alert_history: This is the regular table that stores historical database-wide errors and warnings data.

The error message above is indicating that one of the partition tables for the table "log_alert_history" has been dropped and that the insert statement is trying to insert data for a time range to the dropped partition table.


There are 2 choices to resolve this issue:

1. You can recreate the partition table that has been dropped for the time period the data is being inserted for.

2. Delete the data from the "log_alert_now' or log_alert_tail" tables for the time period that the partition table has been dropped for.


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