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Cannot Edit Notifications in Ambari


 Product  Version
 Ambari  2.x


When editing alert notifications in Ambari,

  • The modifications are not saved in the configuration after clicking on save.
  • Sometimes the "Save" button becomes inactive, and the "Edit Notification" window needs to be "Canceled." 


The issue can occur when Alert Notifications are modified when a service is stopped, or if a host running one of the services is not sending Ambari agent heartbeats.


Restart the Ambari server to allow notification edits with the following steps:

  1. Log in to the host running the Ambari server as root user.
  2. Run: "ambari-server restart".
  3. Log in once again to the Ambari web user interface.
  4. Wait some time to allow all Ambari agents to send a heartbeat to the Ambari server.
  5. Once all Ambari Agents have contacted the Ambari server, it should be possible to edit the notifications.

A bug has been reported to resolve this issue. 



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