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How to Increase Disk Quota for Apps


Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.6.x and above


This article discusses how to increase disk quota for apps. The default configuration sets a 2GB maximum space for the container disk and a 1GB default. With cf push -k you can increase it from 1GB to 2GB, or anything in between, but cannot exceed 2GB.

Please be aware that it's a manual process as we do not have the ability to configure this setting exposed through Ops Manager. This also means that while you can configure the values, it's only temporarily configured. When you click "Apply Change" on Ops Manager, it will wipe out the modification and you'll have to reapply it. At the moment, there's no way to specify a larger disk quota and have that permanently applied.


  • SSH into the OpsManager VM.
  • Run cd /var/tempest/workspaces/default/deployments.
  • List the BOSH deployments via bosh deployments and locate the name of your deployment.
  • Create a copy of the current manifest, e.g. cp cf-<UID>.yml cf-<UID>.yml.ORIGINAL.
  • Edit cf-<UID>.yml and set maximum_app_disk_in_mb: <new-val-in-mb>.
  • Set the BOSH deployment via bosh deployment cf-<UID>.yml.
  • Run the deployment via bosh deploy.
  • After successful deployment, the apps could be pushed using -k <larger-value>GB which should allow your app to use more disk space.

After successful deployment, the apps could be pushed using -k <larger-value>GB which should allow your app to use more disk space.

Additional Information

This property is on "cloud_controller_ng" which applies globally to all tiles that have interaction with the Cloud Controller including Isolation Segments.

Requiring local storage at that scale creates some problems. While an operator can change this value, it's a global setting so that would permit others using the system to setup apps with very large disk quotas too.

The VMs that run your applications (DEAs or Diego Cells) would need to have sufficient storage to accommodate your applications (or anyone else who requests it). The default values would not be able to handle >10G, or anything close to that, so your operator would need to significantly increase the disk sizes for all of the DEA or Diego Cell VMs.

We generally don't recommend using large quantities of local disk space, and if possible use something like remote HTTP-based file storage (like AWS S3) instead. If you've got a specific requirement that requires lots of local disk space, I would suggest talking to your account manager about your requirements. He or she can make sure that the feature requests are logged to help make your use case easier in the future.



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