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Select Service Tiles do not Support the Use of Multiple Subnets


  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF) Ops Manager Version 1.8.x
  • Pivotal MySQL versions 1.7.x and 1.8.x
  • Pivotal Single Sign-On versions 1.1.x and 1.2.x
  • Gemfire for PCF Version 1.7.x


As of now when this article is written, the Pivotal MySQL, Pivotal SSL, and Pivotal Gemfire service tiles are not compatible with Ops Manager 1.8's feature of multiple subnets. Trying to use the multiple subnet feature with one of these tiles will result in the following error from the Ops Manager:

class="wysiwyg-indent2">Products (["<tile>"]) cannot be associated with networks with multiple subnets. If you need them on a network with multiple subnets, re-import a newer version of the product.


There is a change in the metadata format for Ops Manager 1.8 and service tiles need to upgrade to support this new format. Until the tiles are upgraded to use the new format, they will not be able to use the multiple subnet feature.


Pivotal is working to upgrade all of its service tiles to use the new metadata format and support the multiple subnet feature. You can check the progress of each individual tile by looking at the release notes for that tile:


When deploying to Amazon Web Services, this limitation can lead to the inability to balance jobs across multiple availability zones. For Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure this should not be a problem as those IaaS' allow subnets to span availability zones.


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