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Are connections to my services encrypted?


Pivotal Web Services (PWS): All versions 


If you are using a service provided by the PWS Market place, you may be wondering if your connections to the service provider are encrypted, and the answer to this question depends on the service provider.  PWS provides you with the facilities to easily create services through the market place in a safe and secure manner  It also provides you with an easy and secure way to access the connection information and credentials provided by a service provide in your application.  It does not dictate how your application connects to the service though.  How that works, is between your application and the service provider.


Many of our service providers support encrypted connections to their services.  Below are links to instructions for using encrypted connections with some the more popular service providers.  

If you don't see your service provider listed below, do not panic.  You still may be able to connect with an encrypted connection, you'll just need to check the provider's documentation or support team to find the details on how to set that up.


Unless explicitly configured, you should assume that traffic from your application to a service provider is done in the clear.  We recommend using whatever methods are available from your service provider to encrypt all traffic sent to them by your application.


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