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Registration email not received after signing up for Pivotal Web Services


Pivotal Web Services: All versions


This article discusses some of the common reasons for not receiving the sign on verification email from PWS. 


On signing up for PWS, your email address will need to be verified by PWS. You should receive an email from PWS to the registered email address, to complete the PWS signup process. The email will contain a verification link; you have to click on the link to complete your signup. 

Here are some common reasons for missing the verification email and steps to use to resolve the problem.

  1. Mistyped or incorrect email address. Please double check the email address that you have entered. If you are not sure if you typed the correct email address, always initiate the registration process a second time, double checking the email address. 

  2. SPAM folder. If you're using email clients like Thunderbird or MacMail, they have a SPAM filter built into it. While we do our best to ensure the outgoing email does not look like SPAM, sometimes the email clients will accidentally classify the registration email as SPAM.  

  3. Corporate SPAM filter/Compliance Policy. Some corporations, businesses, and universities provide SPAM filtering through a dedicated device which intercepts incoming email and moves potential SPAM into a separate queue. This happens at the SMTP server level. If you are unable to find the verification email in your inbox, we suggest you contact your IT department. They should be able to review the inbound logs and further investigate the reason for the verification email not been delivered to you. Please advise them to search the logs for emails coming from no-reply@run.pivotal.io or admin@run.pivotal.io, which are the addresses for our registration/verification email.

If you have checked the items above, it is also worth mentioning that while most emails arrive within seconds, it may be delayed, where the process may take significantly longer. We recommend waiting for 30 to 60 minutes to see if the email has just been held up for its delivery. If after that time, you have still not received the email, then please let us know by opening a ticket with support@run.pivotal.io.


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