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Application status is invalid, showing as ? or a negative percentage


Pivotal Web Services (PWS): All versions 


Either of the following are true.

  • When running cf app <app-name> the output lists your instance count as ?/2. 
  • When viewing your application in the Developer Console your application is showing a negative percentage for the status (eg. -50% or -100%)

And the state of the symptoms above does not change.  In other words, you are consistently seeing the above symptoms.  If you are only seeing them for a short period of time, that is normal.


This behavior can be observed when the Health Manager has stopped responding to requests.  This happens due to a known bug and at the time of writing this article, we are working on a fix for the bug.  See the Additional Information section for links to the PivotalTracker stories for this issue where you can track our progress on the issue.


As a Pivotal Web Services users, the impact of this bug should be minimal.  While the output from cf and in the Developer console is skewed, your applications should still be running.  You can confirm this by looking at the states of the individual application instances listed in the output from cf app <app-name>

If you experience this behavior and are seeing behavior to the contrary, please should contact support@run.pivotal.io for additional assistance.

Additional Information

The tracker tickets that represent these bugs can be seen here.  These provide additional detail on the problem.


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