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How are services acquired through the marketplace billed?


By using PWS, you automatically get access to the PWS Marketplace. This is a curated list of service providers that you can quickly and easily obtain services from for use in your applications. Some examples of these services include databases, message queues, email providers and performance monitoring. Each service provider has a set of offerings, one of which is generally free and the rest are for a charge. This article will describe what happens when you select one of the paid services.


Upon selecting a paid service from the PWS Marketplace, you'll be immediately charged the price listed in the Marketplace for that service. This will secure your access to the service for the remainder of the month. For every month after the first that you keep the service, you will be charged for that service. The charge occurs at the beginning of the month but may take a day or two before it shows up on your bill.

When deleting a service, you will immediately lose access to that service and any data that was stored in the service. There are no refunds or credits if you delete a service prior to the end of the month. Doing so simply means you forfeit the usage of the service for the remainder of the month.


PWS provides two ways to order a service: the Web Console (App Manager) and the Command Line ‘cf’ application (CLI). The CLI does not provide pricing information. To see the cost of the service, you must use the App Manager interface.

Additional Information

The following are tips for making the most of your paid services.

  • Create new services as close to the beginning of the month as possible.
  • Delete unnecessary services as close to the end of the month as possible.
  • Instead of creating and deleting services for your applications, create the service and keep it (at least until the end of the month).  That way if you need another service, you can use the existing one instead of having to create a new one and incur the second charge.
  • Be very careful when using scripts or tools that automate the provisioning and removal of services because you are responsible for any charges they incur.  Keep in mind the information and rules above, as they should help to prevent your scripts or tools from accidentally running up your bill.
  • If you utilize scripts or automated tests that need a test service we suggest either binding to a long-lived service or using the free plans that are offered.

For a list of the currently available services, see the PWS Marketplace.


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