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Does PWS support TCP connection?


Pivotal Web Services (PWS): All versions 


I have an application which implements a proprietary TCP protocol when the app starts, it listens at TCP port. Is it possible to deploy the app to PWS and have it listen at port VCAP_APP_PORT?


Currently, PWS only supports routing of HTTP traffic to applications. It is possible to access apps via HTTP(80), HTTPS(443), WebSocket(4443) on PWS, but access via TCP is not supported yet. At this point, it might be an option for your new project to build a custom protocol on WebSockets instead of TCP. 

Additional Information

There are increasing use cases, especially related to IOT, for which applications need to receive non-HTTP traffic, although TCP router won't be available on PWS for quite some time, it is that we are working on right now and hopefully it will be added into PWS in future. 
The project proposal is open for public comment and we welcome your feedback


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