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Login and Authentication Problems


Pivotal Web Services (PWS): All versions


When attempting to login to your account on PWS, your credentials are rejected.


Failed logins can be caused for a couple of reasons.  Here are two common causes.

  • Invalid credentials
  • The account is locked


When having trouble logging into the system, please first verify that you're entering the correct credentials. If there is any doubt about the credentials you're entering, please click the Reset Password link at the bottom of the login page or this link. Please do not try to guess the password as this can result in your account being locked out.

If you're certain that you're using the right credentials but are not allowed to authenticate it, maybe your account has been locked. This can happen if you tally up five or more failed login attempts within a one hour period. Once a lockout occurs, you simply need to stop trying to login and wait for five minutes. The account will automatically be reactivated after five minutes.

One common scenario which can result in a lockout is when you have a script or CI system that is authenticating to perform some actions on your behalf. If that script retries authentication, it could quickly exceed the five failed attempts and lockout the account. To resolve a situation like this, stop the script or automation. Wait for five minutes and retry.

Additional Information

Please note the following:

  • Lockouts only occur on an individual user account.  This does not prevent other user's from accessing an Org and it does not impact service or application availability. In other words, it simply prevents one user, identified by the email address entered, from logging into the system.
  • If you have tried the resolutions above and continue to have problems, please email support@run.pivotal.io for additional assistance.


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