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How do I stop Pivotal Web Services?


Pivotal Web Services (PWS): All versions


To stop using Pivotal Web Services, there are three options depending on what you would like to do with your PWS account going forward. This article details each of the three options.


Might plan to use PWS again in the future

If you want to use PWS again in the future but want to currently stop charges, then you can do the following:

  • Stop all of the deployed applications. Stopped applications will not incur any charge. Optionally, you can also delete the application, but it's not required.
  • Delete any paid services that you created. You must delete a paid service to stop being charged for it. Please keep in mind that this will delete any data that was stored in the service, so we recommend that you take a backup of the data first.

Your account with Pivotal and your org on PWS will still exist, but you will not incur any new charges for PWS.  

When your billing cycle ends, you will be charged for the usage up to the date that you stopped your apps and deleted services. This will be the last billing statement with a charge. You will continue to get billed, but the amount on the bill will be zero.

Do not want to use PWS, but want to use other Pivotal products or services

If you do not want to use PWS anymore, but still need to retain your account with Pivotal, you can simply delete your org. This will, in turn, delete all of your apps and services.

After your Org has been deleted, you will receive a final bill. That completes your interaction with PWS. However, you will still have an account with Pivotal so you can continue to access other Pivotal websites like Pivotal Network.

Should you decide to use PWS again in the future, you can do so by simply logging in to the PWS Console with your Pivotal account and creating a new Org.

Do not want any future relationship with Pivotal

If you no longer wish to maintain a relationship with Pivotal, you can delete both your org on PWS and your account. This will delete all of your applications and services, trigger a final bill and close out your account with Pivotal.  

Please note that this will also remove access to any Pivotal service that requires an account with Pivotal, like Pivotal Network.

Additional Information

For more details on how Pivotal bills for PWS usage, please see this link. For more details on how Pivotal bills for service usage, please see this link.


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