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Hawq Stop -u Fails if there are Active Connections


 Product  Version
 Pivotal HDB  HDB 2.0
 OS  All supported


When attempting to reload configuration in HDB 2.x and there are active connections, it will print an error and exit.

Error Message: 

20161019:03:49:06:078951 hawq_stop:aihdw1:gpadmin-[INFO]:-Prepare to do 'hawq stop'
20161019:03:49:06:078951 hawq_stop:aihdw1:gpadmin-[INFO]:-You can find log in:
20161019:03:49:06:078951 hawq_stop:aihdw1:gpadmin-[INFO]:-/home/gpadmin/hawqAdminLogs/hawq_stop_20161019.log
20161019:03:49:06:078951 hawq_stop:aihdw1:gpadmin-[INFO]:-GPHOME is set to:
20161019:03:49:06:078951 hawq_stop:aihdw1:gpadmin-[INFO]:-/usr/local/hawq/.
20161019:03:49:06:078951 hawq_stop:aihdw1:gpadmin-[INFO]:-Stop hawq with args: ['stop', 'cluster']

Continue with HAWQ service stop Yy|Nn (default=N):
> y
20161019:03:49:07:078951 hawq_stop:aihdw1:gpadmin-[INFO]:-Stop hawq cluster
20161019:03:49:07:078951 hawq_stop:aihdw1:gpadmin-[INFO]:-There are 1 connections to the database
20161019:03:49:07:078951 hawq_stop:aihdw1:gpadmin-[WARNING]:-There are other connections to this instance, shutdown mode smart aborted
20161019:03:49:07:078951 hawq_stop:aihdw1:gpadmin-[WARNING]:-Either remove connections, or use 'hawq stop master -M fast' or 'hawq stop master -M immediate'
20161019:03:49:07:078951 hawq_stop:aihdw1:gpadmin-[WARNING]:-See hawq stop --help for all options
20161019:03:49:07:078951 hawq_stop:aihdw1:gpadmin-[ERROR]:-Active connections. Aborting shutdown...


The command "hawq stop" always checks for active connections and aborts if the mode is smart. HDB should skip this check if the option "-u" is passed. 


1. Workaround:

This is a cosmetic issue where the command displays misleading messages.

To reload the configuration, append the option "-M fast" to the command and ignore the logging messages. The active connections will not be affected and HDB will reload the configuration.

$ hawq stop cluster -u -M fast

2. Fix: 

This issue has been fixed since HDB 2.0.1. Please upgrade the HDB to 2.0.1 or higher.





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