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How to delete a Pivotal PWS Account


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Customers can delete their PWS Account by following the steps below. 

Please note: 

Deleting your Pivotal account will remove access to all other Pivotal services (e.g. Pivotal Network, Support, etc). This will in turn delete all of your apps and services.

These steps are to be followed if you still have an Organization in your account. If you have already deleted all the orgs in your account, you will not be able to see the 'Billing Statement' button.  In this case, please contact our support by emailing support@run.pivotal.io. You will then be provided with a direct link, allowing you to delete your account.


1) Go to your Organization's "Billing Statement" page.

2) Click on "Delete my Pivotal account."

3) Confirm by clicking on "Delete account" again.

4) Yes, we'd like you to click one more time to be absolutely sure!

5) You will receive an email from Pivotal Web Services.

6) Click the appropriate org links and go to Settings >> "Request to delete Org".

7) Confirmation screen.

8) Once you have deleted all of your orgs, go back to the email and click"here" in #2. 

10) Confirm deletion one more time. 



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