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Missing Verification Code to Complete the Sign-Up Process


Pivotal Web Services (PWS): All versions 


I have registered for Pivotal Web Services, but have not received the verification code on my cellular or mobile device.  I am located in India or have a cellular or mobile phone registered to a provider in India.


There are restrictions in place by the government that impact our ability to send the verification code to your cellular or mobile device.  This article will explain the restrictions and what you need to do in order to receive the verification code.


The following are all possible reasons as to why you may have missed our text message.  If you have not received the verification code from us, please check the following before contacting support.

  1. Pivotal is only allowed to send the text messages from the times of 9AM to 9PM IST.  If have registered for a PWS account outside of this window then we cannot send you the message until the next day.  Please check your phone the following morning and you should receive the verification code.
  2. Please check to make sure that you are not registered with India's National Do-Not-Call Registry.  If you are registered with the DNC, we cannot send you text messages and you'll need to adjust your settings with the DNC before we can send you the verification code.  

    To check if you are on the DNC list, go to the following URL and searching for your phone number.


    If you are registered with the national DNC, you can find instructions for modifying your preferences at the following link.


    Please keep in mind that we do not control the DNC and cannot adjust these settings for you.  Please also bear in mind that it may take some time for your preferences to be updated, and possibly even longer as the changes to the list propagate to our SMS service provider.  We've seen reports that this process can take upwards to five days.  Please be patient and the SMS message will come through as soon as it is able.

Once you have verified the items above if you are still unable to receive the SMS verification code, contact the support team at accounts@run.pivotal.io.  Please provide the following information:  your name, phone number and mobile service provider.



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