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Greenplum Error "FATAL", "53300", "Sorry, Too Many Clients Already"


Pivotal Greenplum all versions


The Master log reports a FATAL message as below:

2016-10-19 03:27:03.712908 CST,"xxx","xxx",p35261,th-989944032,"xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx","34541",2016-10-19 03:27:03 CST,0,,,seg-1,,,,,"FATAL","53300","sorry, too many clients already",,,,,,,0,,"proc.c",334,
2016-10-19 03:27:04.588362 CST,"xxx","xxx",p35445,th-989944032,"xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx","54642",2016-10-19 03:27:04 CST,0,,,seg-1,,,,,"FATAL","53300","sorry, too many clients already",,,,,,,0,,"proc.c",334,


There are two scenarios where this issue may occur:

  1. The database is operating normally, but you have a requirement to allow more than 250 connections.
    • The "max_connections" parameter may need to be adjusted to meet your requirements.
    • See the "Limiting Concurrent Connections" section on Configuring Client Authentication.
  2. The database is experiencing an issue which is causing connections to queue up.
    • There are many different issues which may lead to max_connections being exceeded.


Restarting the database will usually clear this issue. It is generally not possible to discover the root cause of the error after a restart, though.

If the issue continues to occur, or if the root cause is required, then the next step would be to contact Pivotal Support.



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