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How to Unbind Bad User Data from RabbitMQ Database


 Product  Version
 Pivotal Cloud Foundry RabbitMQ  1.5.x


RMQ service is in a non-synced state and creates stranded/unknown users. A User will create credentials, but is not actually created and RabbitMQ will be unaware of the account.  


When a mismatch between the RMQ configuration and the service broker occurs, and a user binds to a service instance of RMQ, the service broker will create credentials and pass them back to the user, even when RMQ is down.


To delete the bad user data that was hanging around, you should unbund the service from the app, then re-bind to the app, followed by a restage of the app. This procedure will force cloud-controller to expunge all of the bad data. Also, you have the option to upgrade your RMNQ tile to the latest version, which should prevent this type of issue in the future.


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