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GPEXPANSION Error "Missing Data for Column 'Rank'"


  • Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB) 4.3.x
  • Operating System- All supported


Sometimes GPEXPANSION will fail giving an error like "missing data for column 'rank'". The column 'rank' might not be the only one related to this issue, it can be other columns.

Error Message:

2016-10-08 18:24:51.184864 EDT,"gpadmin","dca_expansion_db",p85670,th-1908369632,"","11293",2016-10-08 17:58:27 EDT,265853030,con6,cmd99,seg-1,,dx6,x265853030,sx1,"ERROR","22P04","missing data for column ""rank""  (seg15 sdw4.gphd.local:1028 pid=59542)",,,,,"COPY status_detail, line 26499: "" ! , 
Line Serial Number DFF , Line Dossier Number , Line PO Number , Line PO Line Number , Line Coun...""","COPY gpexpand.status_detail FROM '/home/gpadmin/status_detail.dat' NULL AS 'NULL'",0,,"copy.c",3522, 2016-10-08 18:24:51.660855 EDT,"gpadmin","dca_expansion_db",p85670,th-1908369632,"","11293",2016-10-08 17:58:27 EDT,265853030,con6,cmd100,seg-1,,dx6,x265853030,sx1,"LOG","00000",
"statement: INSERT INTO gpexpand.status VALUES ( 'EXPANSION STOPPED', '2016-10-08 18:24:51.660612' )",,,,,,"INSERT INTO gpexpand.status VALUES ( 'EXPANSION STOPPED', '2016-10-08 18:24:51.660612' ) ",0,,"postgres.c",1618, 2016-10-08 18:24:51.660923 EDT,"gpadmin","dca_expansion_db",p85670,th-1908369632,"","11293",2016-10-08 17:58:27 EDT,265853030,con6,cmd100,seg-1,,dx6,x265853030,sx1,
"ERROR","25P02","current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block",,,,,,"INSERT INTO gpexpand.status VALUES ( 'EXPANSION STOPPED', '2016-10-08 18:24:51.660612' ) ",0,,"postgres.c",1696,


If column names of one of the tables contain special characters like '/r', '/n' or TAB, and meanwhile, these columns constitute or are a part of distribution key, then expansion will fail.


Modifying column names and removing special characters fixes this issue.


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