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How To Recover YARN Resource Manager State from Standby to Active


 Product  Version
 Pivotal HD / Pivotal HDP  3.0.x / 2.3, 2.4
 Ambari  2.x


This article helps you recover YARN resource manager status from standby to active.


In some scenarios, both the resource managers in a YARN HA enabled cluster will be in a standby state, and fail to become active. Resource manager cannot transition and stabilize to active state due to the zookeeper corruption.

Resource Manager logs show the following error:

org.apache.hadoop.ha.ServiceFailedException: RM could not transition to Active ERROR resourcemanager.ResourceManager (ResourceManager.java:serviceStart(599)) - Failed to load/recover state 


Clear the Resource Manager state in zookeeper with the below steps:

1. As user 'yarn', run the following command:

  yarn resourcemanager -format-state-store

2. Restart the Resource managers one at a time via Ambari.











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