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Diego Rep Process Fails to Start when Updating the Cell After Upgrade from Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.7 to 1.8


Pivotal Cloud Foundry Version 1.8.x


After upgrading from PCF 1.7 to PCF 1.8, Diego Cell rep process fails to start and reports the following in rep.stdout.log

{"timestamp":"1477582441.841247559","source":"rep","message":"rep.","log_level":3,"data":{"error":"failed-to-configure-executor","trace":"goroutine 1 [running]:\ncode.cloudfoundry.org/lager.(*logger).Fatal(0xc42015e0c0, 0x0, 0x0, 0xd0bc40, 0xc4200148d0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)\n\t/var/vcap/packages/rep/src/code.cloudfoundry.org/lager/logger.go:131 +0xc7\nmain.main()\n\t/var/vcap/packages/rep/src/code.cloudfoundry.org/rep/cmd/rep/main.go:106 +0x29ed\n"}}


If the availability zone name defined in the Bosh Director tile has spaces in it, the rep process may fail to start. This is a bug in Diego cell and is expected to be fixed in an upcoming release. The fix for this issue is in Diego Release v0.14880 and the current Elastic Runtime Version is 1.8.12 which uses Diego Release v0.14850.


Upgrading to the new Diego Patch once it becomes available will help resolve this problem. If you have encountered this problem and the ERT fix is not yet available, then we advise contacting pivotal support for help.



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