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How to Solve Inconsistent Mount Information Shown in BOSH CCK


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You see one or more occurrences of the following error when performing a BOSH CCK:

Found 1 problem

Problem 1 of 4: Inconsistent mount information:
Record shows that disk 'vol-0030bf8af3a6b02d0' should be mounted on i-01b4b135b5a00e4ae.
However it is currently :
    Not mounted in any VM.
  1. Ignore
  2. Reattach disk to instance
  3. Reattach disk and reboot instance
Please choose a resolution [1 - 3]:

This may happen after a failed upgrade.


It's important that your Bosh output matches the one above, otherwise, following this procedure shouldn't be executed.

Run bosh instances --details to match the VM in PCF to the Volume name and VM name shown in BOSH CCK output. Then run Bosh recreate on every VM having the issue.

After that, run BOSH CCK again to verify that the problem has disappeared.



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