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MADlib Install Fails with ERROR : This Version is Not among the Greenplum DB Versions for which MADlib Support Files have been Installed


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 Pivotal Greenplum


During the gppkg installation process of MADlib, we encounter the following error message:

[gpadmin@mdw tmp]$ $GPHOME/madlib/bin/madpack install -s madlib -p greenplum -c gpadmin@mdw:5432/gpadmin
madpack.py : INFO : Detected Greenplum DB version 4.3.
madpack.py : ERROR : This version is not among the Greenplum DB versions for which MADlib support files have been installed (4.3ORCA). 


  • Run the fix_madpack.sh script that comes included in the MADlib 1.9.1 tar file (madlib-ossv1.9.1_pv1.9.6_gpdb4.3orca-rhel5-x86_64.tar.gz) for
  • It can be found on Pivotal Networks download page after running gppkg installation of MADlib.

Additional Information 

For further help and detailed instructions refer to Installation of MADlib on GPDB. 




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